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Our goal is to build a strong relationship with each of our clients through




      Each year at renewal, it is our responsibility to re-earn your business by soliciting competitive bids from alternative companies to make sure you are getting the best value for your health care dollar.


     To make administration of your program easier, we provide a simplified administration overview of your program including carrier contacts, broker contacts, waiting periods, instructions for adding employees and instructions for terminating employees.  


      As new employees become eligible for your health care program, we will provide a benefit highlights sheet giving a quick overview of the benefits available through your program and, when requested, we are available to review the highlights with each newly eligible employee to make sure they have an understanding of the benefit program you are sponsoring.


      We will do our best to keep you apprised of all changes your carrier may impose on the program through benefit changes and changes mandated by law. 


      Our staff is available to help you with administrative problems such as billing problems, and tracking effective dates as newly eligible employees are added to the program.


      Our staff will help resolve any claims issues that may arise.  Anytime there is a claim issue, your employees are invited to contact our office first so that we can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.


      Each year at renewal we will be happy to hold a review meeting with the employees and their spouses to review the benefits offered through your program.


Keeping employees informed of their health care benefit program and how it works helps your employees realize the full benefit available to them.  This communication also helps cut down on claims problems and misunderstandings.  It gives your employees a greater appreciation for the program you are sponsoring.


We aim to maximize the value of your health care premium dollar and minimize any problems you may encounter.    Please feel free to contact the office of Employee Benefit Options with any questions you may have.


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